History and expertise

Created in 1979 in Lausanne, Archéotech SA brings specialists in archaeology, art history, computer engineering, geomatics, photogrammetry, photography and digital imagery together.

Archéotech SA contributes to the study and the preservation of archaeological and artistic properties. On top of our activities in archaeometry and museology, we open new measurements perspectives in fields as diverse as industry, civil engineering and construction.

Cutting-edge technical means

• Building analyses and archaeological excavations
• Terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry using drones
• Orthophotography
• Short and long-range laser scanning
• Measurements using GPS
• 3D digitization
• 2, 3 and 4D computer-generated imaging

On trust

Archéotech SA guarantees absolute confidentiality for our customers. Efficiency and reliability characterize the working processes implemented during each intervention. The creation and maintenance of databases and computer files are subjected to tamper-proof protective measures. Archéotech SA ensures scalable archiving. Our company also offers experience and advice on products derived from the analyses and expert assessments entrusted to us.

Internationally renowned

• A unanimously renowned expertise
• Mandates all over the world
• A network connecting high-level scientific partners: C2RMF (Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France), ICOM, ICOMOS, ISPRS-CIPA, SSPA, SAPSA, SGPBF (Société suisse de photogrammétrie, d’analyse d’image et de télédétection)