When Archéotech SA is asked for a cost estimate, we process the case file in several steps. First, a good reminder: Archéotech SA has an expert knowledge of numerous technologies and also of buildings, through archaeology and architecture. Thus, our company is able to establish links between distinct fields so as to process the case file in the most efficient way.

1. Evaluating the needs

It is necessary to figure out the reality of the site, the difficulties and other essential components related to the work at hand in order to evaluate the real needs of the mandators.

• On-site visit (to determine the constraints related to the place and its use)
• Determining the client’s needs
• Establishing specifications

2. Creating the cost estimate

This step is primordial in order to have an overview of the procedure to follow and the resources to engage on both sides of the mandate.

• Determining the necessary technical and human resources
• Evaluating the deadlines (they will have to be confirmed in the final order)

3. Acquiring data

Depending on the required results, several techniques can be used, and it is necessary to choose the best technologies according to the quality-price ratio.

• Technical on-site intervention

4. Processing data

Data processing happens differently depending on the final purpose: scatter plots, orthoplans, 2D vector plans, orthophotographs, 3D field or building models, historical reconstitutions, augmented reality or virtual tours.

5. Analysing results

Archéotech SA establishes a report that synthesizes the entire work and analyses the collected and treated data according to the purpose of the work.

6. Follow-up

See Control measurements