Augmented reality – Virtual tour – Historical reconstitution

The necessity of three-dimensional restitutions for the study and the communication of archaeological results led Archéotech SA to development a digital imaging department.

Using techniques of digital acquisition, we offer reconstitutions or three-dimensional animations of monuments or sites. These same technologies help simulate architecture or urbanism projects by integrating them into the existing environment. Dynamic simulations of physical phenomena can also be produced (sunshine, illumination, flooding).

Using the software developed by Archéotech SA, we can create synchronised virtual tours in which the different variations can be visualised simultaneously in the window of a web browser. To learn more about the realization of virtual tours, see the section Captiva360.

Interactive Replicas

During a temporary installation at MUDAC (Lausanne) in 2019, INT studio and Archéotech SA had joined forces to offer visitors a new experience, Interactive Replicas. Photogrammetric modeling, detailed 3D printing and the addition of innovative technologies to the replicated pieces allowed MUDAC visitors to see and handle precious or fragile objects from the museum's amazing collections.

Since then, Archéotech SA has partnered with INT studio to offer a modular, durable and easy to implement version of Interactive Replicas. An interactive device based on touch and on the manipulation of miniature replicas of museum objects digitized in three dimensions. Archiving, accessibility to fragile objects, cultural and educational mediation and collection enhancement are all possible applications of this innovative device.

Click on image to start the virtual tour
Click on image to start the virtual tour
The Interactive Replicas device is modular and can be adapted to any environment
Works of art of all kinds can be replicated
The Interactive Replicas project allows the public to manipulate and explore art objects